Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Burnin' the calories, droppin' some pounds!...i hope

Ladies...and Gents, this is probably my favorite thing ever!!! this tracks my calories for the week, gives me a weekly workout, gives me a fit test, all through my heart rate monitor! i'm in love with it. its makes me work so much harder to lose weight! it even gives me a trophy at the end if i reached my goals!!! I now go to the gym everyday trying to reach my goals to get into better shape. i see my cousins that run marathons and it drives me absolutely crazy! i know i'll never get to that point...i love to run, i just don't think i can run that far! haha. so, i've put myself up to the challenge of losing weight and looking great by next year! i'll leave a sweet short description of my watch below, just in case you might want one of your own! check out their website!

For personal guidance

This intelligent monitor gives you more than just your heart rate. It includes a personal training program, that tells you how hard, how long and how often to train. Now you don’t need to guess, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your training. There’s nothing better to get you well on the road to a fitter you.

  • Improve fitness with a personal training program, that gives you clear targets based on your personal condition and goals
  • See your progress and get motivated by doing an intelligent but simple fitness test
  • See how many calories you have burned