Thursday, March 15, 2012

My little loves

Here's some pretty recent pictures.

Torrie, here's some pictures for you! I'll try to be better:) Enjoy!

Getting ready for summer. tryin' on some hats!
Out Shopping with mommy!
All Dressed up and ready for Church.

We were able to to take Britlynn to "The Lorax" Movie and Everett got to stay and play with
Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt. She had a blast and loved the movie.
Daddy insisted i give Britlynn a Mohawk, so i gave her a cute, girly one:)

The weather has been awesome lately! Britlynn finally got to take her jeep out and ride it.
She's hilarious on this thing. last year, she wanted nothing to do with it. this's a different story! She's totally fearless on this thing! this picture cracks me up. You've got to love the hair!