Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Britlynn Kay Schmidt

Britlynn Kay Schmidt Arrived on July 20th at 5:40 P.m. After about 26 hours of being in the hospital we were thrilled when she finally came! and here's a shorter version of how it all went down: at about 2 am on Sunday morning i woke up and thought maybe my water had broken, but didn't think much of it since i was sent to the hospital that previous Friday thinking maybe it had broken. At about 1o a.m. i really wasn't feeling well, but still didn't think much until my stomach really started to hurt. i called my doctor and waited for the on call doctor to call me, luckily it was MY doctor, Dr. Larsen! i was so happy. he told me to go in even though they would probably just send me home. i really did NOT want to go in, but i did and I'm pretty sure i complained the whole way there telling Jake that it was pointless because they were just going to send me home. so, i get to the hospital at about 4:00 Pm and they check to see if my water broke and sure enough...NOTHING! The nurse told me that they were going to monitor the baby and watch things for an hour and they would me home. She told me if i felt any sudden "gush" or "leak" that i should call her in. About 15 minutes later i called her in, and sure enough i was ruptured. i was so excited to hear her say: "Yep, you're ruptured! it looks like you're having a baby today!" i hurry and called my family and sent Jake on his way to go get our things! At this point i hadn't dilated at all! They told me that they were going to wait until 5 a.m(12 hours) to see if i would dilate on my own, if not, then they would start pitocin. well, 5 am rolled around, and NOTHING! They started the pitocin and my contractions got really bad, but i was still not dilating, so around 7:30 they gave me my epidural, which was sooo amazing! By then, i still wasn't dilating at all! Around 3:30 i was at a 3 1/2...the doctor told us that we shouldn't expect anything until late that night, maybe even early morning. i wanted to cry! at about 5 i sat up and told Jake that i was pretty sure she was coming out!!! he told me not to worry and that the pressure was normal...haha. i was pretty sure it was not "normal" pressure, it was the baby ready to come out!! so i called the nurse and she checked me and i was a 9 1/2! she came in about a half our later and i told her that i needed to push and so i did. they doctor came in about 5 minutes later and after about 15 minutes of intense pushing SHE WAS HERE!!! My labor honestly wasn't so bad and i hope all of them go this well. I had such a good experience at Alta View hospital! The nurses and doctors were so amazing, i felt like the only patient they had there! I guess i was VIP since my father-in-law is a pediatrician there and every nurse that came in knew Jake or someone in the Schmidt family. it was a great experience and I'm so grateful for Britlynn. She has been such a blessing in our lives and had given our lives and our marriage so much more meaning. we love her so much and could not have asked for better. i feel so blessed to have Jake as my husband, and father of Britlynn...WE ARE SO LUCKY! She has brought so much joy into our lives and we're so excited to watch her and our family grow! i would like to thank Both of our families for all of the love and support throughout this whole experience! Thanks to my mom for staying with us for almost 2 weeks! what a HUGE help and relief it was to have her here. i felt so lost for the first few days when she left. WE LOVE YOU ALL, THANKS AGAIN! sorry this post was so long, but it is my little journal :)

Britlynn Kay Schmidt
7lbs 9oz 20 inches

Proud Mommy and Daddy

Proud Nana
Proud Papa!

The day she came home!(Happy Birthday to me!!)
The best birthday present EVER!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A few Pictures!

Well, here are a few picture from our trip to Florida. i really hate putting these pictures up, because i really didn't like them very much! haha. anyway, i decided to put a picture of my Big Buddha Belly...i can now say I'm having our baby NEXT MONTH!!! yay!!
Almost 33 WEEKS!
We're kinda dorky

Forest Gump

Jake and his GIANT burger at Planet Hollywood
A Bug's life 3D show. Karly and my mom
Turkey Legs!!!!
My mom and I

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick little update!

I guess it's time to give everyone a quick update!! i will have some pictures to follow. I'm so awful at this blog! So much has happened in the last couple of months, i have no idea where to start! Jake and I celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on April 11. it's so crazy how fast time flies by!!! I'm 32 WEEKS PREGNANT now, and i couldn't be more HaPpY, ScArEd, AnXiOuS, ExCiTeD, and IMPATIENT! i'm so excited for our little GIRL to be here, i can't wait! We have started her cute pink room. it's going to be Pink, White, and Brown with Lady Bugs and polka's super cute! Life has been crazy and hectic with so much going on and so much to do before the baby comes! I just want to say a huge thank you to my HUSBAND, Jake. He has been such a sweetheart through this whole pregnancy...anything i need, he will get me. He has been working so hard and I'm so thankful for all of his hard work and the support he has given me. i honestly couldn't ask for a better husband...i feel so lucky. He is going to be such a good DADDY to Britlynn and she is going to be so spoiled by him! I love him so much and I'm so thankful i have him in my life. Okay, what's next??? We went to Florida At the end of April. It was such a fun trip! Jake went to DISNEY WORLD for the first special! we have a few pictures, but I'm not so sure how i feel about them! ha ha. i discovered "CANKLES" for the first time! i was so swollen almost the whole time we were there. The trip home was awful, I'm not gonna lie! I had some complications, and let me just tell you,i don't wish those feelings that i felt on anyone! I'm much better now and just waiting the long 8 week stretch until our baby comes now! WElP, that about sums everything up...i guess! I'm sorry I'm so awful at blogging...i will try to be better! and excuse the Grammatical errors:) thanks! i will post some pics when i can get them all together!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Britlynn

A little scary, but so cute!

Here's a few ultrasounds's a little difficult to tell what's going on in some of them, but i think they are pretty cool! She's due July 24th and I'm so excited. so far this pregnancy has been great, i feel super blessed. Everytime we go to the doctor it's nothing but good news and that makes me really happy. we're super excited for her to come!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


it's A GIRL!!! well, at least we're pretty sure! ha. We went to fetal photo and got an early ultrasound. Honestly, i didn't see ANYTHING that looked like it could be a boy, but ya never know! anyway, the ultrasound tech was pretty positive it was a girl! It was such a cool experience. She was moving like crazy. We saw her yawn a couple of times, hiccup, kick and it was just so cute. Now i just want to go out and buy everything...yikes. Hopefully i can get a picture up on here in the next couple of days so you can see our cute little baby!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Exciting news!

Well, the word is out! Jake and I are going to have a BABY!!! I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant, due JULY 23RD, and We're super excited! Were we trying? Yes, but it came right away!! ha ha. How am i feeling?? i feel pretty good, i haven't really been that sick just a little nauseous all the time. And certain smells just make me really sick. do we want a boy or a girl? Either would be fine with me, both would be fine too! ha ha. but,honestly i really don't care as long as the baby is healthy, I'm happy! we find out what were having either the end of February or beginning of march! We went to our first appointment when i was only 9 weeks and i was so scared for some reason. the doctor told us we probably wouldn't hear a heartbeat and if we don't they will just do an ultrasound. so, he starts moving that little Doppler thing around and we don't hear anything....and all of a sudden....we heard it! it was the coolest thing. we heard it super early too! anyway, there it is! maybe it's a little soon to tell, but I've known since i was 3 weeks and I'm excited!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Long OVERDUE honeymoon pics!!!

I'm so bad at posting!!! Here's some pictures from our honeymoon! it's kinda weird that was almost a year ago. We went on a cruise western Caribbean. It was so amazing! the weather looks so awesome...i want to be there now! We were on a newer ship, so, it had some pretty sweet stuff. we had a wave simulator that jake spent a little too much time on, we had a rock climbing wall, an ice rink, and tons of other fun things! we went swimming with the sting rays( kinda scary, but really awesome) they were huge! We had so much fun on this trip it was hard to come back to reality. anyway, 9 months later......