Monday, January 5, 2009

Exciting news!

Well, the word is out! Jake and I are going to have a BABY!!! I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant, due JULY 23RD, and We're super excited! Were we trying? Yes, but it came right away!! ha ha. How am i feeling?? i feel pretty good, i haven't really been that sick just a little nauseous all the time. And certain smells just make me really sick. do we want a boy or a girl? Either would be fine with me, both would be fine too! ha ha. but,honestly i really don't care as long as the baby is healthy, I'm happy! we find out what were having either the end of February or beginning of march! We went to our first appointment when i was only 9 weeks and i was so scared for some reason. the doctor told us we probably wouldn't hear a heartbeat and if we don't they will just do an ultrasound. so, he starts moving that little Doppler thing around and we don't hear anything....and all of a sudden....we heard it! it was the coolest thing. we heard it super early too! anyway, there it is! maybe it's a little soon to tell, but I've known since i was 3 weeks and I'm excited!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Long OVERDUE honeymoon pics!!!

I'm so bad at posting!!! Here's some pictures from our honeymoon! it's kinda weird that was almost a year ago. We went on a cruise western Caribbean. It was so amazing! the weather looks so awesome...i want to be there now! We were on a newer ship, so, it had some pretty sweet stuff. we had a wave simulator that jake spent a little too much time on, we had a rock climbing wall, an ice rink, and tons of other fun things! we went swimming with the sting rays( kinda scary, but really awesome) they were huge! We had so much fun on this trip it was hard to come back to reality. anyway, 9 months later......