Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A letter a day...

We finally finished our summer craft! We thought we would focus on a letter a day and help Britlynn learn the Alphabet. We started out doing one letter a day and ended up doing about 3 a day, just to finish. It was such a fun project. And we're so happy we finished!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

What we have been up to!

 Again, sorry about the unorganized pictures! When i upload them from my phone, they get all out of order! Anyway, just thought we would post some recent pictures of the kiddos. June was a pretty busy month!! WE had Jake's parents come visit. It felt like a quick hi and goodbye, but we sure were happy to have them visit! Britlynn was sad to see them go:( We Celebrated Father's day and Jake's Birthday, We traveled to Fargo, ND. And....Everett Started crawling!!! We're excited that July is here, so we can say we're going home next month! I love Dallas, but i think we're ready to come home. We're a little sad that we have missed all the Birthdays and BBQ's. We'll be home soon! Enjoy the pics Xoxo

Poor little sicky
Go Sioux!
Sun babies!
train ride with Papa
Went to Space Aliens while we were in Fargo. Britlynn scored the jackpot...she used most of her tickets to buy brother a ball.-proud mama moment.
4th of July. i'm such a slacker! this was the only picture i got! i didn't even get one of the kids in their cute outfits!
They love eachother!! He really loves his silly big sister!
We've been getting creative with her hair lately.
takes after her uncles!

Sucker anyone? i finally gave in...Britlynn is always eating suckers and he can never have one. he finally got a hold of one and i let him have it. worst mom ever? nah, he thought i was the best!
new toy!!
searching everywhere for her ringpop. i wonder where it could be...
We've been doing a lot of crafts out here! Britlynn gets a little crazy with the glitter!
Went to the mall of America while we were in Minneapolis. 4 stories and an amusement park...WE had a blast!
this is what you get when you have a delayed flight and you're already stuck on the plane.
the little mister and mommy
"it's Fadder's Day"! Britlynn was very excited to give daddy all the things she made him for Father's day.