Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Special thanks

June and July are Birthday months for our little family and this summer it was hard to celebrate, but thanks to our friends and family they made us feel so, very special being so far away! Britlynn and I got a huge package from Nana and Papa. Britlynn got the cutest cards and gifts from all of her cousins. she loved all of them! she kept saying: "wow! look! Wow!". We threw her a little party and she got spoiled by all of her friends out here in Texas. Jeff and Torrie sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my Birthday. it was a sweet surprise to come home to flowers on my doorstep. And later that night, Jake had a dozen roses and the girls took me out to lunch at P.F.Changs. i think Jake's birthday was a little rough, but i hope he still felt somewhat special even though he was out until 1:30 am working! Anyway, we felt very loved and grateful to have such amazing, caring, loving family and friends to go out of their way to make us feel so special on our birthdays! Thanks again to all of you:) we love you! Pictures are coming soon:)