Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We're Baaack!

We are welcoming ourselves back to the blog world! it's been a year and half since i have last updated and it would probably take way too long to go back that far, so we are going to start from now:) A lot has changed and A lot has happened!!! And, we are currently living in Laredo, TX. Jake is working for Vivint Selling alarm systems and is doing great, as of now! Britlynn has become quite the little sassy pants, but we love her anyway! i think we have entered into the "terrible twos!" yikes! We have a little baby BOY on the way and are so excited to welcome him into our crazy little world in October! We have been crazy busy getting things ready to move out here to Texas, it's hard to think about anything else. so far, we are enjoying it , but we feel a little out of place. Britlynn gets quite a few looks and she has even had people come up to her and touch her. i don't think they see alot of fair skinned, blue eyed, blondies around here! We are basically living in Mexico, so it's a quite a change for us. the temperature is very hot and humid. so, there's a little bit of what has been going on with us lately. here's some pictures from our Trip Jake and I took to Mexico before we headed out. also, are pictures from Easter and our first week in Texas:) WE love and miss you all! see ya'll soon!

Britlynn did pretty good on our long trip to Texas.We had 3 layovers! it wasn't too bad and i'm glad i wasn't alone! Annie and Addison flew out with us and made our trip so much better!

Annie got all the Reps a little gift bag and the Wives got something special, too!:)

Play time with Daddy!

We found this delicious fondu place! Britlynn had some chocolate covered gummies and we got chocolate caramel apples! yumm!

Playing at the Mall:)

These two have become quite the little buddies. we're hoping Addison will help Britlynn to talk this summer!

We went to the circus and this was the only pic i got!

Wiped out from a long day!

{Easter} Britlynn dyed her first Easter eggs (i think her hand got more than the egg), but it was fun to watch her:)

{Mexico} Jake and I took off to Mexico for a 6 day Vacation and left Britlynn with my parents. We all had a blast!! Britlynn got spoiled rotten and so did we!

Say "Cheese!"

i had to throw this one in...haha

{Baby Boy}
As of now, Our little boy looks great! Jake got to feel him kick around for the first time a couple nights ago. it's so fun to feel him move around. we feel very lucky and grateful to have this little baby and can't wait to meet him. This pregnancy is a little bit more exhausting, but i think it's obvious why that is:) I swear Britlynn knows there's a baby on the way. i'll ask her: "where's the baby?" and she'll point to my tummy and say: "There it is". she's going to be an awesome big sister to her little bro.