Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last week we decided we would take a trip to San Antonio, meet up with Emily and take the girls to SeaWorld. Once we got there it was around 12:30 and So HOT! There were a few times walking around, i thought i was going to pass out! We had such a fun time and the girls loved all the fun things there was to do! We got to feed Dolphins( Britlynn did not want to leave the dolphins), Play at the water park, See Shamu, and watch a cute show with Sea Lions! it was a great day! I think we gaine d a greater appreciation for our husbands and what they go through EVERYDAY! i can't imagine walking around in this heat all day long, everyday. I'm so grateful and thankful for Jake. We don't see him very much, but when we do we soak up every minute! He's doing a great job and we're so proud of him!

Picture with Shamu! Britlynn was very hesitant to touch him, but for some reason, she was more than happy to give him a kiss! i wish i would have gotten it on camera!

Feeding the dolphins

These pictures turned out so cute! Britlynn LOVED the dolphins

Coolin' off at the water park!

Britlynn missed most of Shamu, but when she woke up and saw the Giant Whales, she was so excited!


"Cannery Row Caper"
This show was so cute! the girls loved the Sea Lions

Loving the show...

Showing off their Shamu's! Britlynn is obsessed with this little whale! she has to have him in bed with her and loves to take him with her wherever she goes.

Haha! i LOVE Addison's face in this picture!